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Running in the San Francisco Half Marathon

Running in the San Francisco Half Marathon 2009

I have been running for the past eight years, and seriously running for the past 4.  I moved to Boston in 2005 and being inspired by the great running community there have now completed 7 half marathons and a variety of shorter 5k and 10k races around the United States.  I’ve run in cities in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and California.  Whenever I travel to a new place I’m torn between sightseeing and running, but usually don’t know where to find the best running.  I love getting to know the details of the city; each city I’ve lived in and visited has it’s own unique characteristics.  I started CityRunTours to combine my passion for running and knowledge of the cities I’ve lived in.  I hope to make it easier for runners to get the most out of their travels without having to sacrifice their running.

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